Streamlined Solar in Pueblo County, CO

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ASTI Newsletter | November 2013 Edition | By Thomas Yurysta

Pueblo County, CO

Hayden Dubit (age 7) oversees the crew of Shaw Solar at his house in Colorado (Photo courtesy of 4CORE)

Installing residential solar is getting easier in Pueblo County, CO. Through their partnership with the Solar Roadmap team, the Pueblo Regional Building Department (PRBD) has made enhancements to what was already a quick and easy process for the permitting and inspection of solar PV systems.

A standard solar permitting form is now available online for download, and permits for many systems can be processed over-the-counter. Permitting fees have also been capped at $290, well below the $500 statewide cap, making budgeting for solar installations much easier and more transparent.

In addition, the County has made great strides in greening their internal operations. A countywide solar project was rolled out in 2010, which included solar at nine municipal facilities. They are currently exploring the feasibility of a second round of solar projects in what could be a collaborative procurement among the County and other area municipalities. Grouping municipal facilities for collaborative procurement programs lowers costs and administrative time and allows the County to efficiently achieve its renewable energy goals.

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