Fernley, NV Creates an Online Solar Portal

ASTI Newsletter | Summer 2015 Edition | by Thomas Yurysta

One of the primary actions we encourage Solar Roadmap communities to take is to help educate and inform their residents and solar installers by including solar-related information online. Fernley, NV has taken this to heart and created an online solar portal.

The online portal features educational material for prospective buyers and advice on how to evaluate a property for solar potential. It also highlights actions the City has taken to encourage solar, such as including solar-friendly provisions in the City Zoning Code and solar development goals in the City Land Use Code. Critically, Fernley has also created a streamlined permitting application form and made this form available for download from this page.

This represents a great step forward for the City of Fernley and is an example of a simple action that smaller communities can take to make a big difference to the local industry. The Solar Roadmap team developed the content for this page. Contact our team for ideas on developing a solar page on your community’s website.


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