Government Resources

Solar Powering Your Community. This guide for local governments is a comprehensive resource to assist local governments and stakeholders in building sustainable local solar markets.
Guide to Community Shared Solar. By exploring the range of incentives and policies while providing examples of operational community shared solar projects, this guide will help communities plan and implement successful energy projects.
Purchasing Power: Best Practices Guide to Collaborative Solar Procurement. This best practices guide is intended to assist local government and commercial entities in the process of organizing and executing a collaborative solar procurement.
Solarize Guidebook. This residential bulk purchase model is being implemented across the country because of its overwhelming success and this guidebook is intended to serve as a road map for project planners and solar advocates who want to transform the local residential solar market in their communities.
PPA Checklist for State and Local Governments. This fact sheet addresses the financial, logistical, and legal questions relevant to state and local governments implementing a solar power purchase agreement.
Renewable Energy Contracts Library. In an effort to promote document standardization and aid in the successful development of renewable energy projects, the NREL finance team has assembled a contracts library.
The Solar Financing page provides general information on solar financing models. For more localized information on programs and incentives, find your community on the Solar Roadmap’s national map.

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