Solar Financing Resources

The Homeowner’s Guide to Financing a Solar Electric System is an essential resource that provides an overview of the different options available for financing a residential solar electric system.
Third-Party Residential Financing Models. This resource presents an overview of third-party financing models, with a particular focus on power purchase agreements and solar leases.
Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) Financing. This fact sheet outlines the primary benefits of pace financing and the basics of implementing these programs with a focus on how they can be designed and funded.
Solar Leasing Fact Sheet for Homeowners. This fact sheet provides an overview of the solar leasing third-party financing model for homeowners who are considering installing a solar electric system on their house.
PPA Checklist for State and Local Governments. This fact sheet addresses the financial, logistical, and legal questions relevant to state and local governments implementing a solar power purchase agreement.
The Customer’s Guide to Solar Power Purchase Agreements provides an explanation of this rapidly growing business model where a “solar services provider” installs the equipment for any organization, and the customer only pays for the solar electricity.
Renewable Energy Contracts Library. In an effort to promote document standardization and aid in the successful development of renewable energy projects, the NREL finance team has assembled a contracts library.
Local Financing Programs & Incentives. Localized information on financing programs and incentives available in your community is available through the Solar Roadmap’s national map.
DSIRE Incentive Database. This comprehensive national database contains up-to-date information about solar incentives, policy, and financing across the country.

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