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ASTI Newsletter | November 2013 Edition | By Eileen Hays

Solar Roadmap

We are here to help ASTI participants explore the interactive features of the Solar Roadmap. The tools and resources of this market-leading platform were created to support your community in its pursuit of establishing actionable goals, gaining public visibility, providing technical education and training, and implementing innovative solar programs. Each month, this section will highlight a feature on the Solar Roadmap and give you advice on how to maximize your community’s solar potential.

National Map
The national map allows you to easily discover and connect with other ASTI participants in your region or state. Whether you have a specific community in mind, or want to learn about your peers’ progress, the map is a tool to facilitate shared learning and working partnerships to expand your local solar market even further.

When you reach the Solar Roadmap homepage, click on the “National Map” tab. This will direct you to a map, where you can find specific information about all ASTI participants in each state. By simply clicking on a state, you will pull up a list of participating communities in that state, along with their profile summary. Each profile provides a link to access their customized community page and roadmap, so you can check out what actions your peers are taking and see the progress they have made toward their solar goals. The National Map showcases jurisdictions as well as region-specific information for their area.

Tip: Connect with peers and receive assistance facilitating working groups with other Solar Roadmap participants by emailing

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