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The SEED Fund is currently recruiting participants for this round of collaborative solar procurement in the Sierra region.


The Solar Energy and Economic Development Fund (SEED Fund) has launched its third round of collaborative solar procurement – this time, in the Sierra Nevada region. With the support of our local partner, Sierra Business Council, the SEED Fund Team is committed to help increase the deployment of solar in the region.

The SEED Fund Team aims to work with local governments, non-profit and for-profit agencies in the Sierra Nevada region which are interested in receiving an evaluation of solar potential at their sites and may be interested in participating in the collaborative solar procurement. There are no fees to participate, and no obligations to install solar.

By participating in this program, agencies are able to lower the administrative and technical costs of going solar. There are no upfront costs to evaluate each individual site. The SEED Fund team guides and supports the creation of an RFP/RFQ to solicit proposals from vendors. Installer evaluations and interviews are conducted by the SEED Fund team. The SEED Fund team works with each participating agency until contracts are finalized.

The costs incurred by this collaborative procurement effort is offset by a revolving fund. When solar contracts are finalized, installers reimburse the SEED Fund a pre-determined percentage of the project costs.

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If you are interested in participating, or would like more information about this program, please reach out to the SEED Fund team using the form below.


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Here are some questions the SEED Team has received regarding this procurement effort.

  1. Will a jurisdiction have input on what these solar structures look like? Yes, each individual jurisdiction will be able to provide input on how these solar structures will look. Some customizations include increasing the height of solar carports to accommodate larger vehicles, painting steel to match the existing building facade.
  2. Does this violate any existing codes? Applicable codes will vary for each jurisdiction, however, each participating jurisdiction is able to provide input on which sections on each property are available for potential solar development.
  3. By signing the MOU, is the jurisdiction committing to paying for SEED Fund reimbursement? No, the SEED Fund reimbursement will only apply if the jurisdiction signs a final contract with a solar installer.
  4. Does the City Attorney need to review the MOU? Requirements may vary for each jurisdiction, but the SEED Fund team recommends that the legal department review the document and contact the Team to discuss any comments or concerns.
  5. Is the jurisdiction at risk for paying any out-of-pocket costs by joining this collaborative procurement? No, participation in the collaborative procurement effort does not obligate the jurisdiction to paying any costs incurred by the SEED Fund team.


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