Energy Action Plans


ASTI Newsletter | Winter 2015 Edition


Sierra Business Council has completed Energy Action Plans for several of its member communities. These Energy Action Plans focus on strategies and actions to build upon the energy efficiency work that was started a few years ago, as well as expanding efforts to increase the use of renewable energy within these communities.

One of the goals in these plans calls for an increase in the use of renewable energy. Strategies to accomplish this goal are provided to the community. Accompanying each strategy is a list of implementation actions as well as performance indicators, if applicable. Additional informational includes cost and savings estimates as well as benefits and potential funding resources in order to perform the necessary work.

The image below is from Nevada City’s Energy Action Plan. What’s shown here are the actions and metrics for evaluating the solar potential within the community.

Image Source: Nevada City Energy Action Plan

The Solar Roadmap team is pleased to partner with the Sierra Business Council in this endeavor to promote the development of more solar energy projects.


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