Keeping Track of Your Solar Installation



ASTI Newsletter | Q1 2016 Edition



You’ve installed solar and are benefitting from carbon free electricity and lower utility bills. Time to kick your feet up and relax, right? Well, mostly. While the hard part is done there is some follow up work to ensure you’re receiving the maximum benefit from your investment.


A great feature of solar PV installations is the lack of moving parts and associated wear and tear; apart from the occasional wash, these systems need relatively little attention over their lifetime. However, you should have a formal process to monitor and assess your solar photovoltaic (PV) installation to ensure it is performing as expected and providing maximum offset of utility bills.


  • Do you have the right cleaning schedule in place?
  • Does your monitoring system warn you when production is below expected?
  • Are you on the most advantageous utility tariff, and is the utility properly crediting you for all energy produced?


These are some of the questions you need to consider when reviewing your solar PV installation. A comprehensive system optimization process protects your solar investment and ensures optimal system performance for the long-term to maximize efficiency and returns on investment.


Learn more about Solar PV System Optimization on our website. Our in-house expertise helps determine whether a solar PV system is experiencing performance related problems, and, if so, how to resolve them.




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