Solar on Agricultural Land: Finding a Balance

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ASTI Newsletter | Q1 2016 Edition

A new report from the Sustainable Energy Roadmap Project in California’s fertile San Joaquin Valley calls for local government action as they face the challenges of balancing clean energy, environmental, economic and community cultural issues.

As demand increases for large-scale solar projects on or near farmland, local policymakers are faced with difficult decisions, such as comparing the economic impacts of a large 30-year solar project with a 30-year almond grove. The report makes 10 recommendations including calls for strong local government mitigation and decommissioning requirements and more solar resource assessments which involves mapping ideal solar locations and farmland.

This white paper provided needed guidance by providing the first comprehensive look at how local governments are addressing the growth of large-scale solar and the preservation of agricultural land.

Learn more about the white paper here.


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