How to Include Solar Priorities into Comprehensive and Energy Action Planning

Solar Roadmap Goal Z4: Incorporate Solar Priorities into Comprehensive or Energy Action Plans focuses on integrating solar-friendly standards and guidelines into general plans, climate action plans as well as broader local and regional planning efforts.


As a jurisdiction’s most expansive statement of its policies and vision for the future, comprehensive plans are a powerful way to demonstrate a community’s commitment to sustained growth in the solar energy sector. Solar-friendly provisions in comprehensive plans or energy plans can help your community meet its clean energy goals cost-effectively and with broad public support. Furthermore, comprehensive plans can ensure that solar development in your community is socially responsible, aesthetically sensitive, and environmentally sound.


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Webinar Details


You can learn about incorporating solar priorities into planning documents for your City or County. This webinar will focus on showing sample language from Cities around the United States as well as guidelines for developing solar-related goals that will be pertinent to your jurisdiction.



  • Introduction
  • Review of Solar Planning Objectives
  • Question and Answer Period


Webinar material can be downloaded here.  If you would like to the webinar recording, please fill out the contact form below.


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