What is Solar Roadmap?

A comprehensive set of online tools and expert resources to achieve your community’s clean energy goals.

The Solar Roadmap organizes national best practices and makes them easily accessible for government agencies, regional organizations, residents, businesses and electric utilities in an interactive platform.  Communities who use the Solar Roadmap drive economic growth and environmental improvements through actionable steps to increase cost-effective installation of solar systems.

How do we do it?

We deliver and support an interactive version of all the best national resources for transforming your solar market, tailored to your community and needs.  At the core is the first and largest comprehensive resource library for national use by the municipal, utility and industry sectors.  Within the database are best practices, case studies, how-to guides, templates, tools and program materials from over 100 unique author organizations.   To make it easily accessible, there are both powerful search tools, along with customized roadmaps based on the most applicable resources.

Individual Solar Roadmaps provide tailed guidance on specific actions with the potential highest impact and organizes them into simplified steps to getting them done.  These goals are organized in focus areas that include:

  • Permitting and inspection processes
  • Planning and zoning guidelines
  • Financing tools and programs
  • Utility interconnection processes
  • Solar market development programs

Each goal is designed for easy implementation and is prioritized for your particular situation.  Your Solar Roadmap provides concise, curated resources to help participants take action…AND a team of experts is only a call or click away to answer questions, provide guidance, and offer hands-on support to ensure your success.

Benefits of your roadmap

Benchmark your community, track progress and reach your clean energy and economic development goals and create benefits across your region including:

  • Streamline the process and costs for solar projects
  • Educate buyers and support more effective decision-making
  • Support the vendor community and help them be more successful
  • Improve access to innovative financing tools and programs
  • Deploy successful models for aggregated purchasing to drive demand
  • Access peers across the state and country who have addressed similar issues
  • Utilize easily accessible support from leading experts in solar market transformation
  • Quantify the potential impact from increasing activity in the local clean energy sector
  • Provide training and resources to government staff and elected officials
  • Measure progress and celebrate success with national visibility

What’s your role?

Once an organization signs up to be part of this exciting national effort, you will work with the Solar Roadmap team by:

  • Providing initial data about your community
  • Participating in an informational interview to identify community’s priorities
  • Reviewing your customized Solar Roadmap and finalizing action items
  • Sharing your community’s new customized online solar resource center
  • Working with subject matter experts to implement process improvements
  • Convening stakeholders to build community support and interest in growing the local market
  • Celebrating success with peers around the country

Who can join?

Any organizations who want to increase solar activity in their region, including:

  • Local cities and counties
  • Municipal agencies
  • Electric Utilities
  • Regional Organizations
  • Non-profit Organizations
  • State agencies
  • School districts

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