Collaborative Solar Procurements for Municipal Facilities

The time is ripe to go solar. The largest financial incentive for installing solar is set to expire next year, and many utilities are changing policies to make future installations less attractive. Many communities are seeking to go solar now before these benefits go away.


However, high transaction costs and a steep learning curve dissuade many communities from realizing their goals. To solve this problem, many agencies are now looking to combine their efforts. By organizing multiple interested communities into groups, collaborative purchasing can lower transaction costs, educate buyers, leverage the decision making and guidance of a core committee, and ultimately aggregate demand to lower the purchase cost.


Discover how other communities have used collaborative procurement to maximize their financial return from these projects, and learn the steps you need to take to deploy in your community. We will cover the benefits of these programs, their structure, and case studies from local municipalities who have taken action. We will also hear from Caroline Judy, who led a successful collaborative solar procurement in the San Francisco  Bay Area with almost 20 participant agencies and almost 200 sites. Caroline Judy is the Acting Director of the General Services Agency of Alameda County.


To view essential resources for Goal M3, click here. To view essential resources for Goal M6, click here.


Webinar Details


This webinar is designed to help achieve Solar Roadmap Goal M3 “Explore Implementation of Collaborative Procurement Program for Municipal Facilities and Schools” and Solar Roadmap Goal M6 “Explore Installing Solar at Municipal Facilities, Including Landfill and Water Treatment Facilities”.



  • About Collaborative Procurement (Thomas Yurysta)
  • Case Study, R-REP (Caroline Judy)
  • Q&A


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