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The Solar Roadmap  is a customized, interactive tool containing guidance on how to transform your local solar market.  The guidance comes in the form of simple steps targeted to various community activities: permitting and inspection, planning and zoning, finance, and outreach.  The goal is to highlight simple actions that can be taken to develop a more solar friendly community.


Interested in what a Roadmap looks like?  Click here for a sample.


By completing the survey form below, you can unlock a Roadmap specific to your community.  The Roadmap will provide a quantitative analysis of how you compare to neighboring communities and others across the country, identify what you’re doing well, and identify areas for improvement highlighting the highest impact changes you can make to help drive more local solar market activity.


For each action item, the Roadmap will provide you with resources and support to make taking action easy.


The survey form is available here: My Roadmap Survey


Once you have completed the survey, email the form to our team and we will do the rest!


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