Solar Prescreens

The Solar Roadmap team is pleased to offer participating jurisdictions a solar screening of all your municipal properties. The purpose of the screening is to identify which sites would benefit the most from having a solar photovoltaic system installed. The screening results will help your community develop an integrated strategy to intelligently incorporate solar energy into your overall sustainability plans, looking across all potential opportunities.


To get started on this process, a survey must be completed by a jurisdiction stakeholder. This survey asks for site-specific information such as location, building characteristics as well as annual utility information. Once this information is submitted to the Solar Roadmap team, we can get started on the analysis. While the SRM team can conduct an analysis with incomplete information, better information will yield better results.


We use the latest solar modeling tools to determine your best properties for installing solar, and to tell you how much of your energy usage can be offset. Once usable areas have been identified, the SRM team will contact your jurisdiction to solicit your feedback on the best locations for solar.


The submitted sites are given a ranking based on the availability of space, potential energy offset and jurisdiction priorities.


Take advantage of this additional benefit today! Contact the Solar Roadmap team to get started.


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