About Solar Roadmap

The Solar Roadmap is America’s go-to resource for unbiased solar information and tools for residents, businesses, government staff, electric utilities, and solar industry.  Through customized profile pages and interactive policy roadmaps, this innovative platform is helping communities and electric utilities across the country to capture economic and environmental benefits from clean energy deployment by making it easier, faster, and more affordable to “go solar.”

Residents & Businesses

Residents and businesses can access free resources and tools to understand their solar potential, choose a qualified solar contractor, and evaluate solar proposals.  Community profile pages provide access to up-to-date information on incentives and financing programs available locally so consumers can make informed decisions.

Government Officials

Municipal agencies of all sizes can leverage the Solar Roadmap platform to effectively improve local solar processes and publicize achievements, all with minimal time commitment.  Customized community profile pages provide constituents with additional resources and support.  Interact and network with peer communities to share successful policies and even facilitate solar bulk purchase programs.

Electric Utilities

Electric utilities can leverage the Solar Roadmap platform to evaluate successful approaches to solar interconnection and customer programs to make informed decisions for their rate payers.  Customized utility profile pages publicize achievements and provide customers and installers with relevant information and resources.

Industry Professionals

Solar installers and industry experts can keep up-to-date on regional market development activities and new business models, as well as incentive and financing programs available locally.  Installers can access solar-related trainings, guidebooks, and other new resources to improve customer acquisition efforts through effective outreach and engagement activities.



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